14. Sagan Peek

14.1. What is "saganpeek"

saganpeek is a utility that allows you to "peek" into Sagan memory. The utility reads the Sagan mmap() files. It displays the data Sagan is currently using for after, threshold, flexbits and xbits. This information can be useful in debugging Sagan or simply to view what values are currently in memory. Running saganpeek from the command line without any flags will show all "active" data in memory.

** Note: saganpeek will not display data in Redis. For example, if you are using Redis for xbits or flexbits, this data will not be displayed**

saganpeek --help flags:

--[ saganpeek help ]---------------------------------------------------------

-t, --type      threshold, after, xbit, track, all (default: all)
-h, --help      This screen.
-i, --ipc       IPC source directory. (default: /var/sagan/ipc)

14.2. Building "saganpeek"

After building Sagan, simply change into the tools/ directory and run make and then make install.